Robber fly - Nature photographer Thomas Shahan specializes in amazing portraits of tiny insects. It isn't easy. Shahan says that this Robber Fly (Holcocephala fusca), for instance, is "skittish" and doesn't like its picture taken.

Eye-popping bug photos

Nature by Numbers (Video)

"A Summary" – Apr 2, 2011 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Religion, Shift of Human Consciousness, 2012, Intelligent/Benevolent Design, EU, South America, 5 Currencies, Water Cycle (Heat up, Mini Ice Ace, Oceans, Fish, Earthquakes ..), Middle East, Internet, Israel, Dictators, Palestine, US, Japan (Quake/Tsunami Disasters , People, Society ...), Nuclear Power Revealed, Hydro Power, Geothermal Power, Moon, Financial Institutes (Recession, Realign integrity values ..) , China, North Korea, Global Unity,..... etc.) -
"The Quantum Factor" – Apr 10, 2011 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Galaxies, Universe, Intelligent design, Benevolent design, Aliens, Nikola Tesla (Quantum energy), Inter-Planetary Travel, DNA, Genes, Stem Cells, Cells, Rejuvenation, Shift of Human Consciousness, Spontaneous Remission, Religion, Dictators, Africa, China, Nuclear Power, Sustainable Development, Animals, Global Unity.. etc.) - (Text Version)

“ … Here is another one. A change in what Human nature will allow for government. "Careful, Kryon, don't talk about politics. You'll get in trouble." I won't get in trouble. I'm going to tell you to watch for leadership that cares about you. "You mean politics is going to change?" It already has. It's beginning. Watch for it. You're going to see a total phase-out of old energy dictatorships eventually. The potential is that you're going to see that before 2013.

They're going to fall over, you know, because the energy of the population will not sustain an old energy leader ..."

(Live Kryon Channelings was given 7 times within the United Nations building.)

"Update on Current Events" – Jul 23, 2011 (Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll) - (Subjects: The Humanization of God, Gaia, Shift of Human Consciousness, 2012, Benevolent Design, Financial Institutes (Recession, System to Change ...), Water Cycle (Heat up, Mini Ice Ace, Oceans, Fish, Earthquakes ..), Nuclear Power Revealed, Geothermal Power, Hydro Power, Drinking Water from Seawater, No need for Oil as Much, Middle East in Peace, Persia/Iran Uprising, Muhammad, Israel, DNA, Two Dictators to fall soon, Africa, China, (Old) Souls, Species to go, Whales to Humans, Global Unity,..... etc.)

"Recalibration of Free Choice"– Mar 3, 2012 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Caroll) - (Subjects: (Old) Souls, Midpoint on 21-12-2012, Shift of Human Consciousness, Black & White vs. Color, 1 - Spirituality (Religions) shifting, Loose a Pope “soon”, 2 - Humans will change react to drama, 3 - Civilizations/Population on Earth, 4 - Alternate energy sources (Geothermal, Tidal (Paddle wheels), Wind), 5 – Financials Institutes/concepts will change (Integrity – Ethical) , 6 - News/Media/TV to change, 7 – Big Pharmaceutical company will collapse “soon”, (Keep people sick), (Integrity – Ethical) 8 – Wars will be over on Earth, Global Unity, … etc.) - (Text version)

“… 4 - Energy (again)

The natural resources of the planet are finite and will not support the continuation of what you've been doing. We've been saying this for a decade. Watch for increased science and increased funding for alternate ways of creating electricity (finally). Watch for the very companies who have the most to lose being the ones who fund it. It is the beginning of a full realization that a change of thinking is at hand. You can take things from Gaia that are energy, instead of physical resources. We speak yet again about geothermal, about tidal, about wind. Again, we plead with you not to over-engineer this. For one of the things that Human Beings do in a technological age is to over-engineer simple things. Look at nuclear - the most over-engineered and expensive steam engine in existence!

Your current ideas of capturing energy from tidal and wave motion don't have to be technical marvels. Think paddle wheel on a pier with waves, which will create energy in both directions [waves coming and going] tied to a generator that can power dozens of neighborhoods, not full cities. Think simple and decentralize the idea of utilities. The same goes for wind and geothermal. Think of utilities for groups of homes in a cluster. You won't have a grid failure if there is no grid. This is the way of the future, and you'll be more inclined to have it sooner than later if you do this, and it won't cost as much….”

"Fast-Tracking" - Feb 8, 2014 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll) - (Reference to Fukushima / H-bomb nuclear pollution and a warning about nuclear > 20 Min)

Obama unveils landmark regulations to combat climate change

Obama unveils landmark regulations to combat climate change
In a bid to combat climate change, US President Barack Obama announced the Clean Power Plan on Monday, marking the first time power plants have been targeted by mandatory regulations on carbon dioxide emissions in the US.
Google: Earthday 2013

Thursday, November 18, 2021

EU plans to ban food imports from deforested areas

Yahoo – AFP, November 17, 2021 

Deforestation in regions like the Amazon has Europeans worried (AFP/

The EU plans to bar food and wood imports from deforested areas, according to a proposal unveiled Wednesday aimed at using its trade power to drive sustainability. 

The draft law, which Brussels wants to turn into binding rules for all 27 European Union nations, would require companies show their soy, beef, palm oil, cocoa, coffee and wood products are certified "deforestation-free". 

It follows an international pledge made at the COP26 summit last week to end deforestation by 2030. 

"This proposal is a truly ground-breaking one," the EU commissioner for climate action policy, Virginijus Sinkevicius, told a media conference. 

"It targets not just illegal deforestation but also deforestation driven by agricultural expansion," he said. 

Under the EU plan, two criteria would have to be met: that the commodities are produced in accordance with the origin country's laws; and that they were not produced on land deforested or degraded since the beginning of 2021. 

Imports from higher-risk countries would be subject to tighter checks. 

The European Commission did not say when it hoped to have the new legislation adopted. 

The rules could impact countries such as Brazil, where European disquiet at razing of the Amazon rainforest by cattle farmers is holding up implementation of an EU-Mercosur trade deal. 

Clearing of the Amazon hit a new record last month, according to Brazil's National Institute for Space Research. 

The environmental protection group WWF says the huge EU market is responsible for 16 percent of global deforestation linked to international trade. 

It and other NGOs welcome the EU plan as a first step, but say it does not go far enough. Greenpeace says it does not address deforestation from other commodities such as rubber and maize, or from pig and poultry farming. 

Waste and soil 

Other sustainability proposals presented alongside the anti-deforestation rules were on waste management and improving the health of soils. 

"These initiatives show that the European Union is serious about the green transition and just keeps moving forward with it," said the Commission vice president in charge of overseeing the EU's Green Deal, Frans Timmermans. 

On waste, the Commission wants to see "circular economy" principles attached to the way it sends abroad its millions of tonnes of discarded metals, cardboard, plastic, textiles and other detritus. 

Waste exports to non-OECD countries would be restricted and allowed only if those destinations agree and were able to handle them sustainably. Currently the two top destinations for EU waste in that category are Turkey and India. 

Shipments to OECD countries would be monitored and suspended if grave environmental problems arose. Those destinations include Britain, Switzerland and Norway. 

The soil strategy aims for a mix of voluntary and mandatory measures to increase soil carbon in farmland and fight desertification, to get soil ecosystems healthy by 2050.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

“Coming Discoveries” – (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll), August 25, 2021 

Live Kryon Channelling. Healing Wednesday livestream 

Lee Carroll
Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service 

This is the fourth channel of the month regarding change. The past three weeks, we’ve discussed several attributes of change that are beginning to happen on this planet. The changes are mostly consciousness, and we have given you some examples which show that many of these were expected, and they coordinate with the messages of the indigenous. They revolve around the cycle of our time, the precession of the equinox, and the 2012 shift. 

So, here you sit in a time of expected change, and the first thing that happens is COVID. You have to ask, “Is it related?” And we’ve given the answer now many times. Indeed (it is related)! More than related, it is the catalyst to what follows next. This virus has almost stopped the normal operational attributes of this planet, and I told you that this is like stopping a large factory so that it can retool. 

We have discussed the metaphor of a factory that cannot stop. After some time, it starts to be dysfunctional, and those operating it start a process of greed and lack of integrity. It becomes so bad that it becomes badly inefficient, yet, nobody can stop it. It’s too big. However, COVID stopped it! This gives a space, does it not? It’s a space that no one expected, given in order to see the inefficiencies of the factory (the systems of Earth). It’s a time to retool and clearly see the dark things that have grown in the dark corners where you never were able to look before. It’s a chance to see more light than ever and identify those who are keeping you from seeing it. 

Dear ones, that’s just the beginning of what we discussed. We’ve given you some messages of change in the past and said, “watch for this,” or “look for that.” These things are coming. There are some things coming that would surprise you, that are truly sensational and filled with great things, and when I tell you about some of these things, you may ask, “How soon, Kryon, how soon?” Every single one of these things that I’m going to give you now actually already exists. They already exist in some form or are being developed. Let me be clear: Some of these things lay on humanity, waiting for the aha experience. “Kryon, what are you talking about?” 

Inventions are Given when They are Needed 

Let me go back and revisit some messages you may have heard before: Major inventions that have changed the culture of this planet often seem to happen all at once, all over the globe, almost like they were delivered to consciousness all at once from somewhere else. 

Seldom do you have just one individual with an idea that then changes the planet. That may be the story they tell you in history, but these profound inventions and discoveries usually happen simultaneously, and the first individual to manifest it is the one who gets the credit. 

Electricity: Some of the inventions that manifest themselves on the planet seem odd in their timing. You might look back and ask, “Why did it take so long? How is this possible?” If you start looking at the facts, the discovery of electricity is one. How long has this energy been obvious to mankind in so many ways? Whether it’s static (electricity), like the sparks you make when you move your feet on certain substances, or whether it’s lightning in the sky … why did it take until only a couple of hundred years ago for it really to be looked at, or the question asked: “I wonder if this is energy we could use?” As to who actually invented it, you knew it was Michael Faraday, right (or did you get another story)? And – that it wasn’t actually electricity – but rather, electromagnetic induction (magnetics)? 

Flight is another one. The Chinese have been flying kites and have known about wind currents for 3,000 years. Why weren’t there men in the sky, using kites and updrafts with the profound understanding that humanity already had of these things? What took so long? Even today, you see those who leap off mountain tops without powered flight – with a kite strapped to them. Where was that? It should have been intuitive and should have occurred a thousand years ago. You had watched the birds, you flew kites, yet, for thousands of years, nobody did it. Does this make sense? It took until the Wright brothers gave it to you using powered engines. That wasn’t that long ago, dear ones, and they only beat the French with their famous first flight by two weeks! Do you see what I’m saying? This invention was “delivered to the Field” when it was ready – and all over the Earth at the same time. 

Inventions that change the Earth profoundly in this way happen when it’s time. You may disagree. You may say, “Oh, we can think of these things any time we want.” This is not true or many inventions that were completely “there and ready and intuitive” would have happened even sooner than they did. 

There are some things coming that are already here, dear ones, in certain ways. They are already in the Field, waiting to be plucked out. I want to tell you about them. Some have heard this before. 

The Best Coming Inventions Will Not Be High Technology 

Don’t be surprised if the most advanced discoveries that you’re going to make, which are going to change this planet profoundly, have nothing to do with artificial intelligence or massive amounts of computing. You might say, it’s “back to basics” because some of the best inventions will be using patterns and basic physics that were always there, but which you just haven’t thought of yet. 

“Kryon, what are you talking about?” 


Let me talk about the magnetic energy wheel. It might be two, or even three wheels, but there is a simple pattern, an array of magnets that, when placed correctly, can keep a wheel spinning – forever. 

Using the simple push/pull energy of small or large magnets together in a specific array, you can keep this wheel going forever. You’re aware, are you not, that natural magnets are very powerful, and they push and they pull with a great deal of force, with no rest or refresh time, and no side effects, and no fuel. This is a huge secret! Why have you not seen this before? Put them together in an array where they will push and pull against each other and spin whatever size wheel you wish – until the end of time! All you have to do is oil the bearings occasionally. Have you thought of that? Dear ones, listen: If you can make something spin, you can connect it to an electric generator. Electricity, in any quantity, forever! 

I want you to think of what this means. Imagine: No batteries. “Kryon, what are you talking about. You’ve got to have batteries.” Dear ones, that statement is soooo yesterday! Imagine your favorite device. A phone, perhaps? What if, instead of a battery, it had a tiny, miniature, spinning magnetic motor that powered the device in real-time – forever! Not only are there no batteries in the future, but no charging anything. Every electronic thing you have has its own tiny, spinning generator built-in. 

“Kryon, how big can this wheel be?” Well, let’s think: Everything I have said can be enlarged. So, instead of a battery in an electric car, there is a larger spinning electric engine underneath, always supplying electricity to what we will now call super capacitance (something we have only briefly discussed). You will always have enough electricity to go for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles without ever stopping. And even while you sleep, electricity is still being generated to the “super cap.” It never stops. 

“Kryon, I still don’t understand how all this is going to change the entire planet.” 

Dear ones, I’m talking about individual power for every single building that exists on the planet – without being connected to any grid. NO WIRES AND NO OUTSIDE SOURCE. No weather pattern will ever shut down a city again or cause those to die because they can’t get electricity – because it’s right outside in a little spinning motor that never stops and always is running, to power whatever is needed. Magnetics is the answer. It’s free, instant, and mobile electricity for all. 

Every continent on this planet could have as much electricity as they wanted or needed to instantly power villages, hospitals, communications, teaching through the internet, and more. The internet would work, no matter what. Can you imagine when everybody could talk to everybody? Cultures and continents would start healing themselves and would finally start to be educated. 

All of this can happen from one undiscovered pattern – a magnetic array. Putting those magnets together so they will push and pull in a way that they will spin forever, can be customizable to any size – miniaturized or massive. They can power ships and cars – and they go forever. There is no resource that is easier and safer to use to power this planet than magnetics. No natural resources are burned, no pollution, and entirely safe. 

Kryon – This Can’t Work 

“Kryon: If I had this invention, there are forces out there who would never let it be developed. I would be afraid to have it! The power companies of the planet will buy it and pocket it because they want to sell what they’ve got. They will never let this happen.” 

Let’s stop for a moment. Dear ones, this is not your father’s world. What have I told you about change for the past 30 years? DO NOT POSTULATE THE FUTURE ON WHAT HAS HAPPENED IN THE PAST. The shift is changing the consciousness of the planet. 

Right now, the power companies all over your land are in trouble. Fossil fuel is in trouble, if you haven’t noticed. Nuclear power, the former Holy Grail of power, has shown itself clearly to be exceptionally dangerous! Every one of the accepted mass power generation systems is failing. 

I will tell you that the power companies of this land (USA), even if they are using steam or wind or sunlight, are all anxious for this invention! It’s simple, efficient, no huge investment needed, and (ready?) THEY will then be the ones to manufacture and sell the units, improving them and finding more and more uses to free all of you from any kind of power grid. So I’m telling you, it’s a new world, and those in the “power business” will be the first to want to use this. 

The Highest and Most Powerful Force of Humanity 

Let me give you my favorite one: There are things that this body of yours does, which has only to do with consciousness, nothing else. In the last twenty years, there has been a revelation of proof. Consciousness is energy. It can alter physics. 

This realization was not always thought to be the case. In the past, consciousness was something esoteric, not well definable, and it didn’t belong in physics. Now it does. There is now a slow awareness that consciousness absolutely must be considered energy. 

Think: If consciousness is energy, then, like all other physical energies, there must be rules or axioms. It becomes predictive science. When you start to figure that out and you understand what those are, you will have some profound answers to some of the greatest mysteries of health: The energy of consciousness is the reason for the placebo effect! Someone takes a sugar-coated pill, and they are told that the pill is going to create a cure – and then it does! What is the process? How is that possible? 

Someone takes a homeopathic tincture, a chemistry that is too small to create a chemical reaction. Yet, it cures! What is happening? How does that work? The answer is the energy and the physics of consciousness combined with something called mirror neurons: What the body sees and expects, it often creates by itself. Perhaps, you see someone else eating a meal and you salivate. That’s consciousness over chemistry, dear ones. 

Have you ever wondered if mirror neurons could play a powerful and larger part in a coming system of healing? What if you could convince your body that it was healing? Mirror neurons can’t tell the difference between what you believe or what is happening chemically. Therefore, consciousness instructs the body to heal itself, and it does! Now you understand how spontaneous remission may work. When you convince the body that a healing is occurring, it believes it so completely that it heals itself. This will be a new healing process. It will be the best of any that ever existed – using the energy of consciousness in new, measurable, scientific ways. 

No artificial intelligence – no super hi-tech advancements 

Instead, this becomes the revelation of what you as Humans have always had. Powerful! 

I want you to ponder these changes because they are in the Field. Do you think when science discovered that consciousness is energy, they just left that alone? No. They wanted to find out more about what it is. The first thing they realized is that they are dealing with a multidimensional energy. Indeed, science may not think immediately about the self-healing potentials that exist, but eventually, they will 

How long will it take? That’s up to you. How many of you believe these things? For the belief itself, you might say, is a transmitter of reality, because when you believe something, you can make it happen. 

Changes are coming to this planet, dear ones, and I have told you this. We continue to tell you about the ones that will enhance humanity, and there will come a time when the last thing you will ever want to do to each other is to kill one another. There is precedent for this in other places that I have talked about, so I have seen it. I have seen it. 

I am Kryon, in love with humanity. 

And so it is 


Thursday, May 27, 2021

ExxonMobil, Chevron investors vote for more action on climate change

Yahoo – AFP, John BIERS, May 26, 2021

Shareholders of ExxonMobil will decide whether to replace up to four board
members with supporters of renewable energy investment

Shareholders at ExxonMobil elected Wednesday at least two board members who pledged more aggressive action on climate change, while Chevron investors directed the oil giant to deepen emission cuts. 

The dual meetings involving the two biggest US oil giants showed clear evidence of how addressing climate change has moved from the environmental world into the investor mainstream. 

At ExxonMobil, two board nominees from activist group Engine No. 1 won enough votes to secure board seats. Shareholders also backed a proposal requiring a report on the oil giant's lobbying activities on climate change. 

At Chevron, a majority of investors backed an activist proposal calling on the company to reduce "scope 3" emissions associated with company operations. 

Earlier Wednesday, a Dutch court ordered oil giant Shell to slash its greenhouse gas emissions by a net of 45 percent by the end of 2030 following a challenge launched by environmental group Friends of the Earth. 

Engine No. 1's Gregory Goff and Kaisa Hietala secured enough votes to join ExxonMobil's board, along with Chief Executive Darren Woods and several other incumbent directors who were reelected, said ExxonMobil corporate secretary Stephen Littleton. 

Littleton said the vote was too close to call on whether the other two Engine No. 1 candidates would join the board instead of incumbent directors and that a final outcome may not be known "for some period of time." 

After the results were announced, Woods congratulated the Engine No. 1 candidates and pledged to work with them to meet shareholder expectations. The company had launched a lobbying offensive to re-elect its incumbent board, arguing it was taking meaningful action to address climate change. 

"We've heard from shareholders about their desire to catalyze further progress at ExxonMobil and we are well prepared to deliver," Woods said after the vote. 

'Change is coming' 

ExxonMobil had announced a series of steps on climate change since Engine No. 1 launched its campaign in late 2020, making Wednesday's election contest unpredictable. 

Engine No. 1's Charlie Penner expressed uncertainty about the vote during remarks at the outset of the meeting. 

"No matter what the outcome of this vote, change is coming," said Penner, who noted ExxonMobil's promises made since the insurgent campaign launched late last year that it "cannot easily walk away from." 

The oil company in January established a new "low carbon solutions" business to commercialize carbon capture technology; announced two new board members in March; and earlier this week pledged to appoint two more board members in the next 12 months, one with energy industry experience and one with climate experience. 

ExxonMobil has battled annual meeting fights on climate change for decades, usually prevailing on shareholder resolutions. 

But oil majors are under intensifying pressure to develop more aggressive policies on climate change and embrace renewable energy. 

European rivals such as BP, Royal Dutch Shell and Total have undertaken renewable investments and pledged to attain net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. 

The International Energy Agency earlier this month said all future fossil fuel projects should be scrapped if the world is to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and stand any chance of limiting warming to 1.5C. 

The report goes well beyond existing policies adopted by the United States and other governments. The Biden administration, for example, has endorsed renewable energy investment, but has not supported an immediate phase-out of new fossil fuel investment. 

Both ExxonMobil and Chevron have announced new environmental initiatives in recent months, while insisting on the need for continued investment in oil and gas development. 

Woods called the recent IEA analysis a "helpful" contribution, saying reducing emissions is a "complex problem and a challenging one" that will require new technology and government policies. 

Shares of ExxonMobil rose 0.7 percent to $58.65 in afternoon trading, while Chevron was flat to $103.85.

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Shell ordered to slash CO2 emissions more quickly in landmark court case

Shell ordered to cut emissions in landmark Dutch climate case

Yahoo – AFP, Danny KEMP, May 26, 2021 

Environmentalists celebrate after The Hague court announced the landmark ruling

A Dutch court ordered oil giant Shell on Wednesday to slash its greenhouse gas emissions in a landmark victory for climate activists with implications for energy firms worldwide. 

Shell must reduce its carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2030 as it is contributing to the "dire" effects of climate change, the district court in The Hague ruled. 

Campaigners hailed the "historic" verdict as the first time that a company had been made to align its policy with the 2015 Paris climate accords. 

Dubbed "the People versus Shell", the case was backed by seven environmental groups and more than 17,000 Dutch citizens. 

Judge Larisa Alwin said in the verdict that Anglo-Dutch multinational Shell has an "enormous CO2 emission for which it is responsible".

 Shell "is contributing to the dire consequences of climate change for the population" and must implement the decision "at once". 

Shell said it "fully expects to appeal today's disappointing court decision". 

"Urgent action is needed on climate change which is why we have accelerated our efforts to become a net-zero emissions energy company by 2050, in step with society," a Shell spokesman said in a statement. 

With energy firms around the world facing growing pressure over climate change, Shell set new targets in February to reduce its net carbon footprint compared to a 2016 baseline by 20 percent by 2030, 45 percent by 2035 and 100 percent by 2050. 

Shell must reduce its carbon emissions by 45 percent by 2030, the Dutch court ruled

'Historical day' 

Dozens of campaigners hugged, clapped and shouted "climate justice" outside the court as the verdict was announced, an AFP reporter said. 

In a show of solidarity, a group of around 50 Dutch cyclists had also cycled from the north of the Netherlands to mark the judgment. 

"This is a historical day," said Donald Pols, director of the Dutch branch of Friends of the Earth, which originally brought the case. 

"It's the first time in history that the judge has decided that a large polluter, Royal Dutch Shell, should stop causing dangerous climate change," Pols told AFP outside the court. 

"This will have an enormous impact, not only on Shell itself, but on major polluters throughout the Netherlands and globally." 

The 2015 Paris accords committed all nations to cut carbon emissions to limit warming to two degrees Celsius (3.6 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels and encouraged them to go down to 1.5 degrees. 

Greenpeace Netherlands interim chief Andy Palmen said it was a "historic victory for the climate and everyone facing the consequences of the climate crisis." 

"Shell cannot continue to violate human rights and put profit over people and the planet... We can hold multinational corporations worldwide accountable for the climate crisis," he said in a statement. 

The case is one of a series around the world in which citizens and campaigners frustrated with inaction on climate change have hauled governments and big polluters before the courts. 

The judge acknowledged that Shell had 'already tightened up its goals' but said 
its climate policy was not 'concrete'

'Full of reservations' 

Dozens of climate marchers handed in the lawsuit to Shell's headquarters in the Netherlands in The Hague in April 2019 in what organisers said was the first case of its kind. 

Shell had argued that it is making serious efforts to cut gas emissions, but that there is no legal basis for the case and that governments are responsible for meeting Paris targets. 

It said it was investing billions of dollars in low-carbon energy such as electric vehicle charging, hydrogen, renewables and biofuels. 

The judge acknowledged that Shell had "already tightened up its goals" but said its climate policy was "not concrete and is full of reservations." 

Shell's emissions were "greater than those of many countries" and the resulting climate change effects pose "serious risks to human rights, such as the right to life and an undisturbed family life," the judge said. 

She ordered Shell to make the emissions cut based on its 2019 levels. 

Campaigners have repeated the success of a case brought by the green group Urgenda in which the Dutch Supreme Court in 2019 ordered the state to slash emissions by at least 25 percent of 1990 levels by the end of 2020. 

The Netherlands, particularly vulnerable to climate change as a third of the country is below sea level, has pledged to reduce CO2 emissions by 49 percent by 2030. 

It is sixth biggest emitter of greenhouse gases per capita in the EU, according to the bloc's figures.

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Urgenda supporters celebrate at the Hague after court ruling requiring Dutch 
government to slash emissions. Photograph: Chantal Bekker/Urgenda

Thursday, April 29, 2021

“A Plea to Scientists” – (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll), October 11, 2020 

This live channelling was streamed live for the Lemurian Starseed Gathering 

Lee Carroll
To help the reader, this channelling has been revisited [by Lee and Kryon] to provide even clearer understanding. Sometime information is even added or condensed. Often what happens live has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message which was streamed live for. 

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. 

Questions have always been asked, “When you channel, is the entity being channelled [Kryon] aware enough to know where you are? Does Spirit know what’s going on, or does channelling represent some kind of a disconnect, like somehow you bring in the entity from the other side of the veil and it is in a kind of a bubble of sacred reality and doesn’t know what you are experiencing?” 

This entire question comes from misinformation and a perception of how God [Creative Source] sees you. The beautiful, magnificent truth is this: Known by God you are, in a way that you can’t truly imagine. Known by God means that all the things you are going through are felt and known. And the beauty of this is that it’s not just the difficulties, dear ones. Spirit is not here just to help you through difficulties. Spirit is here to celebrate all life experiences with you, and I want you to know that! When it’s time to laugh, do you realize just how healing and comforting that is? Don’t you feel the smiling creative energy of mother/father God with you when you laugh? When you are celebrating something specifically wonderful for you or for others, and you’re in that space where you’re relaxing and having a wonderful time … we are there. 

Spirit is right next to you, 24/7. Spirit loves you and, in those times when you’re needing help, that’s when the outstretched hand of Spirit will be there. If you choose to take it, that’s the free will that we speak of all the time. There are so many who have been trained out of this reality! They would believe they have to figuratively climb stairs or go to a certain place or say certain words or behave in a certain way so the Creator will pay attention or listen to them or grant a wish. That idea is completely and totally man-made, dear ones. It comes from your own hierarchical structure of how you might speak to your own royalty or Human leadership … as in how many officials you’d have to go through in order to talk to the boss. That’s not the way it is with Spirit. There is no hierarchy, only love. That Creative Source, which created the Universe and the heavens and all that you see, knows your name – knows your name. 


Something is happening on this planet that will change the way you think. We have said this before. We have told you there will be the opening of enhanced knowledge, and part of that opening would be the revelation of the validity of multidimensional energies being part of everyday science. You might even call it The Multidimensional Effect. I want to discuss this very thing, and more. 

Humanity thinks a certain way, and often, it does so for protection. It’s an unconscious perception of being protected from false things and relates to social survival. It comes from a long-term consistency of things being a certain way on the planet and, therefore, accurate and correct. So far so good. 

There are many hidden biases, however, even among those who say they are unbiased, and it happens because of actual, unconscious training that a Human receives from birth. It happens because those you respect and love taught you certain things and showed you how things work in your culture. This would include what you learn from your family while growing up, then school, your church, and what you learn from peer relationships. 

However, over time and revelation, if you find proof that some of those things are very different from what you learned, there is often a confusion of logic and even dysfunction. Whereas many now see the reality of a revealed truth, they do not wish to participate in it. Instead, they want to stay with what they were told, even if it has proven to be false or incomplete. To do otherwise would almost be a betrayal of those who did their best to teach them this truth. So, there are many hidden biases in many areas, especially that of science. 


I’d like to introduce you to the balanced physicist. Those who come out of high physics know right from the beginning that there is so much more to reality than what the planet knows. There is much that is not revealed yet. There is an acknowledgment that science doesn’t yet know everything, and they see profound experiments that have results that they don’t fully understand. From the beginning, even in the teaching of physics, they see classic examples of things that don’t work the way they should in 3D. The double-slot experiment of light is a good example. This is a very simple and old experiment showing that light can be in two places at once. It also asks a question about particles vs. waves and the mystery of when the change from one to another occurs. 

This is something students of physics learn in their first courses. It opens a door in their teaching that comes from their teachers: “We don’t know everything, so whatever we teach you is only what we believe we know today.” A good, balanced physicist will always acknowledge that there is a great deal that humanity doesn’t yet know. These scientists are very interested in the things they observe but cannot explain. So, in that, there is full acknowledgment that there is much to learn about how things work. 

Now, most of you will say that this is a very good thing, especially for a high science like physics. However, even with this great attitude toward the unknown, there is a bias: “Don’t mess with the current laws of physics.” In other words, these laws of physics are golden. They work and have been proven time and time again. Among such scenarios are the laws of Newton and Kepler. These gravitational rules from these sources have worked for decades in some of the most highly developed science on the planet, such as space exploration. Those formulas have allowed humanity to leave this planet with probes, land on other planets, and even land on asteroids! That is the absolute validation of Newton and Kepler, and that the formulas are proven, in stone, and they never change … and they work. 


Here comes a scientist with news: “I’ve got evidence of a new law that would be very different from what Newton said.” What do you think would be the reaction from science? Would it be? “Wow, tell me more!” No. Instead, what they might do … and what they did, is to slam the door hard, and say “What we know, works well, so don’t bother us with anything else.” 

This is the exact scenario that happened in the 1970s with Astronomer Vera Rubin. Her discovery was called “a problem” because her ten-year galactic measurement findings did not follow the known laws of gravity as described by Newton and Kepler. So, rather than enhance those established laws, scientists said there obviously had to be more gravity that affected them. So, they invented “Dark Matter” to make things fit. The thought that perhaps they should alter those sacred laws did not occur to them. Later, Rubin objected and didn’t accept dark matter at all. She believed she had discovered a new theory of “gravitational attraction at large distances.” 

So, in one area, they are saying, “Tell me more because we don’t have the answers,” and in another area, they are saying, “Don’t touch what we have learned.” This is classic and is common. What you’re taught in school, physicist, doctor, is then what you cognize for life as “The way of it” and nothing can change it. 


My advice to any man or woman of science is this: The laws that you’ve learned, the things that you know, consider them as the primer science of your reality. When certain other things are revealed that seem to change these ideas, understand that they do not negate what you’ve learned. Rather, they enhance it and make the laws bigger and more complete. New findings will make current understandings more profound and more elegant than they were. 

In Rubin’s case, what if the laws of Newton and Kepler were just the basic ones? What if they are simply the default? What if these basic laws change with dimensional awareness? What if, as you study the Universe, you find out there is something you can do that can actually alter these laws? Would you then object as you do now? Physicist, would you alter mass if you could, thereby changing the laws around it that you learned? Most of you would say, “Of course we wouldn’t object. It’s science. BUT.. you can’t alter mass.” Really? Who told you that? What is mass itself was simply a default, and was alterable? 

There are discoveries to be made that will take what is known now from Newton and Kepler and bring it to the next step using multidimensional energies. This would result in keeping what you’ve learned, but then enhancing it to relate to a larger reality than you knew existed. You might think this would be very exciting to science, but the unconscious biases keep an entire planet of physicists from straying away from what they learned. That is what we speak of in these moments with you now. 


Thirty-one years ago, when I started channelling through the man in the chair before you, I presented something that has been my mantra to you ever since: You live in an energy that you feel is real, but it is not. It is a fraction of what is actually there. 

“Reality” for me is defined as: The state of things that actually exist in a complete form. That includes all the dimensions that exist, including attributes of those dimensions that you don’t see or know about yet. It includes all the unseen but sensed attributes of everything around you. It includes all the dimensions that make up the whole of all matter, everywhere. 

Your world is in color, but you currently are seeing it in black and white. 

I gave you a statement some time ago that received a lot of “pushback” [criticism] from many people. I said, “The rocks are alive. Elementals live within them, in Gaia itself, in the grid system, too. Everything has an actual consciousness that knows you, and you call it Mother Nature. The rocks are alive.” 

Many were disappointed in this statement, since I didn’t follow their reality. “Well, now you’ve gone too far, Kryon. The rocks are not alive. Obviously, we’ve tested them and there’s nothing there.” 

Do you see the bias? Of course they are not alive if you test them with a technology that can only reveal 4D attributes. That’s all you have; that’s all you know. Can you test multiple shades of color with a black and white test kit? Actually, you do all the time! Then you proudly announce the results of your black and white tests and you say, “No, it cannot be this or that because of current scientific evidence.” 

Imagine: A scientist from the 1950s comes to your town today, testing the area for TV broadcast transmissions. He will proudly announce: “There are no transmissions for TV in your area, and only a few for radio. The air is clear of almost all transmissions.” Meanwhile, he missed all the cellular, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, drone, satellite, and GPS location signals, etc. He also didn’t know that, in your culture, TV no longer is transmitted the same way as before. Are you getting the picture? (no pun intended) 

Your reality check is biased, and you’re testing color with a black and white kit and you don’t even know it. You cannot see what you haven’t discovered yet. So when it starts to happen, what do you do? This is the crux of the new debates in science. 


Your mainstream science is going to know soon that there are things beyond what they expected. Here is an example of how biased humanity is: As recently as two hundred years ago, things that would show themselves as being multidimensional were labeled as witchcraft. So, back then, you found a reality that didn’t line up with your beliefs, and you made it evil. That is still with you, by the way. I won’t say much more about that, but it is part of what is coming: The more that enhanced, divine energy starts to show itself; the more fear will be developed by those who have no idea what the love of God looks like. The masters of old did amazing things. But if anyone today does any of those things, it is branded as evil and is discounted as real science. Dear ones, get ready to actually see proof of your own magnificence. What a world you live in! 


Years ago, doctors and researchers started to look at DNA differently. You know, physics and biology haven’t really been something that your planet studies together. They are seen as separate disciplines. In colleges, today, you see the buildings where you study the protocols, and they are separate. The earth sciences are separated from physics, separated from biology, etc. 

However, there is change occurring: Even in some of the descriptions of what people study, we get a hint as to what their protocols have become: There is starting to be an alliance between physics and medicine. Have you heard of a quantum biologist? That is now a field of study ... and that’s the big one. Biology has a multidimensional component. Years ago, over thirty years ago, that was shown. 

Light is seen as being multidimensional, and that is why it can be in two places at once. Some experiments with light and DNA begin to reveal that the DNA molecule reacts to light differently from other matter. Some have postulated that anything that is overtly multidimensional (such as light) will then be attracted to anything else multidimensional ... enter the Quantum Biology study. Dear ones, DNA has a multidimensional component! 

How many medical experts today, and those who would teach it, would give you this information? How many professors and doctors would say, “Tell me more, because this is what we have been waiting for.”? Medicine, to this day, defaults to black and white. As complicated and pristine you may think your biology is, it’s simply the default. 

LOOK! Allopathic medicine is born: “Push here with this chemistry and something reacts! So, in order to cure disease, let’s invent a chemical that pushes body chemistry the way we want.” Unfortunately, the “push” is often not isolated to the disease, and side effects are always an issue. It’s not a good system, but it’s the main one, until now. 

If you start to understand the multidimensionality concept of your biology, you realize that certain energies can also affect disease, Innate and the overall body intelligence. In the last twenty years, new studies also have revealed that consciousness must be considered “energy.” Therefore, consciousness may be a healing modality… a big one. 

How long has homeopathy been with you? Homeopathy, in general, has been dismissed by the American Medical Association as something that “doesn’t work.” [JAMA – October 2009] The report says it can’t work. (Here we go again!) Basically, the report says that tests have shown that a tincture in a homeopathic remedy has too few parts per million to create any chemical reaction. Therefore, your entire medical industry has debunked it. Yet, oddly enough, for hundreds of years, and all through European history, it has worked! How can that be? It works because it carries an energetic signal from the remedy directly to the multidimensional portions of your biology. Your DNA sees it, even your blood. But it has no chemical reaction. The tests are trying to evaluate color with a black and white test. 

The innate process of your body is a multidimensional process that can be muscle-tested and will react with the energy of consciousness. All of these things are starting to be slowly seen and used and proven and tested. But there’s more. 

What if, in that multidimensionality of your DNA, there are patterns of energy that tell a story? This is where multidimensional science departs completely from anything linear. It’s not simply another chemical component of DNA. It’s not simply another part that’s linear. Instead, it’s expansive; it tells stories; it has patterns; it holds secrets and truths. All multidimensionality is this way, in that it is like the surface of the ocean with a gentle wind. It all has patterns based on what is affecting it. This is very hard to explain, since you haven’t seen it yet. It’s like a template. It tells a story and sets a mold, more than just of the cell. It might tell a story of your lineage and of your magnificence or even of your creation! These are the things that will begin to be seen in the New Lemuria [the up-coming energy of Earth], and you’re going to start seeing it in medicine. 


The medical doctor who you’re about to meet [referring to Dr. John Ryan in the conference] is a practicing physician in a busy hospital in a busy city. He has these very multidimensional revelations we have spoken of. He knows that the DNA carries libraries of stories for every Human Being. If you ask him, “Doctor, what has happened to all your training, which says none of this is true?” He will say: “My training is valid. However, what I have discovered goes beyond it and enhances it. My esoteric discoveries do not void what I’ve learned. They magnify it.” 

These are some of the things I am telling you to look for. 

Men and women of science, may I say this to you? “Be open for things you don’t expect. There is more here than you know. Do not hold on to what you have been taught in the past as the ultimate and absolute truth of everything forever. For what you have been trained for will not be erased or voided or seen to be bad. Instead, all that you know will be seen simply as the elementary building blocks of so much more! Be open to ‘the rest of the story.’ If you are, you’ll find yourself right in the middle of a new and more complete science … and that’s the beauty of the New Lemuria.” 

And so it is. 


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